Foundry Build: part3 the burner.

Part 3

The Burner,

One of the reasons I really liked this design was the the burner. It is able to use propane or waste oil, peanut oil, diesel or just about anything combination of that sort of thing. For aluminum only propane will be needed, for other metals it will be great to have additional BTUs available. Here is the video of his burner followed by some of my pictures of mine so far:


Getting Healthy

It has been a real struggle, but I am attempting to become more healthy. One of my cunning plans to get us back in the game is to do more hiking this year. We also want to do some rockhounding and foraging.

Earlier this month tward that end we all went out and bought hiking boots and have been breaking them in, I bought Kyle and I daypacks off of amazon and so far I really like them.  LINK: 40L Pack

Today Kyle and I donned our day packs and headed off down a local trail. The part we walked was pretty near a busy road in some spots but was really gorgeous.  We ended up only walking for about 50 minutes, but it was a good start.




Getting the Watsons Back on the WWW.

Its been a long time, but I am back poking at the bits on the Watsons.World. I plan to post about all of the antics we Watsons’ are up to. Hopefully this will be your one stop shop to get updates on the things that are going on in our lives.

Posts will probably be out of order as I add our recent adventures, once we get caught up expect them to roll in most recent at the top. -Michael

Kyle’s Birthday 2018

I think Kyle had a wonderful Birthday and here are a couple pictures we captured on the day. The day before we had Kyle’s favorite food, PIZZA! Then on his birthday we went out for a movie and then had him pick out a cake at the grocery store. Once he understood what we wanted him to do, it was a split second before he had selected cake from the display and was putting it in the cart.