Greenwater Rockhounding #2

Directly after my work in North Carolina was complete, I flew home and after a good nights sleep, we Watsons headed out with the local rock club the Cascade Mineralogical Society early in the morning for a field trip to the Greenwater area hunting agate, jasper, and common opal.

We mostly stayed on the main forest service roads and didn’t get into heavy 4wd trails until the last stop. Where I put the ranger in 4wd high just in case I needed some extra help getting through a couple snowbanks in the road.  We probably did not need the help but it was insurance since the Rangers tires probably need to be replaced.  I haven’t decided if I am going to do so, or pick up another full sized truck.

Around that point at least one low body clearance car turned back. And someone in a Prius actually made it!

All the way along the field trip the guides stopped along the way and showed us things, sometimes in specific areas, sometimes on just road cuts along the road.

Here are a few pictures we snapped on this adventure:


















We had a ton of fun and brought back three five gallon buckets about half full of mostly common opal.


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