Watson Adventures: Crystal Hunting at Hansen creek.

For a Mothers day outing, we took a drive up to hansen creek right off I-90 and walked the trail, which I believe is actually called Humpback Mountain trail. We went on Saturday a day early as the weather was to be milder.





With backpacks mostly empty just water snacks and PBJ each we set out unsure of what we were going to find. Everyone we met on the trail seemed super friendly. We saw waterfalls and rock outcroppings and many many trees across the trail. Here are few of the photos I took.











The trail sorta ended as far as I could tell in just a mish match of holes and undercut trees and tailings of previous people on a steep hillside which was most assuredly the most dangerous part of the hike. We circled a bit and I tried to find a spot where we could all sit or dig or just not fall down the mountain and ended up at a larger hole, a fella was just packing up and generously gave us a few tips and let us have his dig.

He mentioned that him and some buddies started this dig about three years ago in this spot so that they would not undercut any live trees, and as I looked it was starting to encroach on a couple. He advised us to hop in and knock some of the sandy soil from the walls and re sift through the loose soil at the bottom looking for shiny bits. As noone gets all of these no matter how much they look.

We all pulled out our tiny flashlights that live in our backpacks and began. It was no time until we all wished we had brought our couple of headlamps, which would have allowed us to work more or less hands free.

There was really no place you could sit down, and it was not until today I realized that Kyle had his hammock in his backpack, we could have strung that up and had a nice way to get off our feet.

One of the first things I pulled out was this:





I wasn’t even sure it was a crystal it was so covered with junk but it was the right shape so we just kept going….





We ended up with quite a few pieces of “LEVERITE” that stuff you  shoulda just “leave-er-right”where ya found it. 🙂 But the ladies found two or three clusters some quartz, and several small quarts crystals!

After we got back home and washed off our treasures I ordered some OXALIC ACID  So we can clean up the rust or whatever is on that first one I have, and several others as well.

I also ordered us each a 16$ Headlamp that uses those 18650 batteries that I have so many of. I think those will replace the small flashlights we have in our packs.


I also splurged and got us a 5 pack of classifier screens that fit on a 5 gallon bucket we could use when we go back.




I cant wait for another go, but not today.. It is 85F outside and we are just hanging out at home trying to stay cool.



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