Florida Team Goat-Rope.

I just got back from a whirlwind work meeting in Tampa Florida. What a long flight for me! I dont travel much for work, but when I do generally I get to book my own travel, hotel and rental car.

This time the Hotel and transportation was booked for us. So I ended up waiting about 30 mins in the Tampa heat for the Hotel shuttle, Had to call em twice. There were other small things like that that could have went smoother but didn’t due to luck or lack of planning. Overall however I had a blast.

Day 1 was just sitting in a conference room at the hotel doing work with my team. But day two had us out at bush gardens for roller coasters, safari, and some more of that Tampa heat.

Step 1 find your sunblock and buy a hat.

Elmo hat for the Win! This made me very easy to spot for all of my coworkers! I totally did ok in the shade, but once we were in any sun I was overheating. We bought water bottles and I was sucking down water all day.

Step two, check out some local fauna.





We hit lunch and a Doo Wop show started while we were eating. I think all of my coworkers were really surprised I knew all the lyrics to the old songs.





Next up a Safari, riding in the back of a truck bed we went and saw quite a bit. Rhinos several deer/antelope types and some giraffes. They were totally mooches and three of them tried to mug us for lettuce.








We went to an trained animal show which was cute and I think my kids would have loved it. Somewhere along the line I picked up a work Henna tattoo!




After that it was back to the hotel, I think I had about 19,000 steps that day on my fitbit!


Wednesday and Thursday were back to work and I think the guys got quite a bit accomplished.


I flew out on Thursday, sat in the middle seat crammed in between too other large fellas for six hours. Overall I had a blast but I was fighting off a head cold or a nasal infection the whole time. Right now that has me right in its clutches. I hope I am on the mend, since all I want to do right now is go find the shop vacuum and suck all of the mucous out of my head. I dont know how you people with allergies deal with this! Overall? 8/10 and definitely the best work trip I have had.