Foundry Build: Part1 prepping the keg.

Hot Stuff!

I have wanted to work with molten metal for quite a while, It is one of the myriad hobbies I have always wished to pursue.  I had a taste of it when in High School, we were able to melt aluminum and then machine our pieces in the lathe.

I stumbled down the rabbit hole on youtube a few months ago watching people melt aluminum and other metals in home foundries with propane or waste oil and was mesmerized. It seemed like anyone could make a cheap one and use it, but the more I watched and learned the more I realized most of these were just falling apart after a few melts. I wanted something that would last for many pours. Then I found a set of videos that a fella had put together outlining his build and documenting the steps. I chose to model my foundry after his.


Empty Keg
remove the locking ring off the tap
cut off the top of the keg with cutoff wheels.
putting a metal edge around the lid to give the refractory cement a place to anchor .
I setup the shopsmith as a drill press and drilled the holes for the lid.
Jasmine helped me put in the screws. I cut two fingers putting the in the machine screws.
machine screws that will give the refractory mix places to anchor to the lid.

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